Special Episode 004 - Best LEO Training Quote Ever!

In today's Special Episode we get some insider info, almost like you're sitting IN the classroom with "Highly trained" Law Enforcement Officers and, even better, their HIGHLY TRAINED INSTRUCTORS and see what really fucking happens behind the scenes in police work. 

Today's Story: A whole hour worth of "Our Agency's Vehicle Pursuit Policy" summed up all in one quote...

011 Chris Sajnog on being a SEAL, the USCG, Shooting, and More!

Join us today as we chat with special guest Chris Sajnog about...  

  • The reason Sajnog joined the US Navy (it's probably not the reason you think)
  • A brief look into the mind of someone making it through the SEAL pipeline
  • Retirement from the US Navy (but not retiring from hustling!)
  • A video Sajnog shared about "How Police Officers Are Being Trained by the NRA to Shoot At Black Shapes Without A Weapon" 
  • And MORE!

010 Jake Robinson on Saving Money, Mead Making, Voluntaryism and More!

Join us today as we interview Jake on all sorts of skills for empowering yourself, liberating yourself financially and drinking skills! Including the following:

  • What it's like moving out of the US and then coming back into the 2008 depression!
  • Some political and Tea Party experiences.
  • Some REAL answers that are more effective than protesting the feds.
  • Bee keeping!
  • Acquiring pallets for construction.
  • And much more!

009 Sonic Cubans & Freedom, Liberty, Flag and Government

009 Sonic Cubans & Freedom, Liberty, Flag and Government
  • Media lies, plain as day.
  • A sonic weapon is confirmed... wait no... wait yes. It is but we're investigating to figure out what it is.
  • What is a speed limit? From a childs point of view?
  • How we feel about the government... Eddie! What have you done for me lately! 

Today's show is broken up into or new shot at a 3 Segment Show:

1. Deconstructing the News.

2. Main Topic.

3. Our new Liberty Questions!

and more!

Episode 008 - Trump, North Korea, and Martial Arts Lies

Episode 008 - Trump, North Korea, and Martial Arts Lies

Join us today for some motivated drinking, news deconstruction, another few words on Martial Arts including:

  • "Does it affect the temperature of your pool"?
  • Who wins (and wins BIG) EVERY time we go to war?
  • Who loses? And more importantly who DOESN'T lose every time we go to war?
  • And 4-5 bullet points about knowing if your Martial Arts of choice is ACTUALLY based on real self defense or not!
  • and more!

Episode 007 - Government Hiring Process Overview

Episode 007 - Government Hiring Process Overview

Join us again for some light-to-moderate drinking, adult language, and some real Liberty talk today while we cover some insider information about the hiring process for Law Enforcement from Pat Leo, the hiring process that Jack experienced for his Rescue job, and Ox's process for becoming a medical PA and more!

Episode 006 - Mike Roberts on Unarmed Self-Defense / Combat

Today we interview "Magic" Mike Roberts, Corpsman, PA-Student, and Professional MMA Fighter, who joins us today to discuss his career, experiences, and more including:

  • Mike's medical career arc and experiences
  • Why martial arts? What drives a man to enter the ring against an opponent whose goal is to rip your head off? 
  • Real world applications for martial arts
  • Self defense advice for women
  • and more!