034 "F@C$K You Money" and other suggestions...


So Ox was hanging out with a friend on a Saturday evening and the conversation was so good that he decided to record it. Listen as the guest (a current member of the special operations community) and Ox chat about a number of different topics in a mastermind & free-flow way:

* emergency fund ideas, including "there are not a lot of problems that can't be solved with $10,000" 

* pay yourself first! with each paycheck

* "f@c$k you money"

* new term --- douche nozzle

* "the antidote to lack of motivation is action!"

* remove barriers for more daily success

* Time management and organization perspectives



Intro music from the episode:



030 Mastermind Call for the Liberty Three

Join us as we do a "mastermind" call, which is how we started before launching Liberty Mastermind Podcast. 

  • Pat's upcoming book on tactical lockpicking
  • Upcoming core content course in South Carolina covering tactical lockpicking
  • Ox has a couple side projects: Psychiatry Of Success, and Smurf It Up
  • Ox rants about getting ambushed 
  • How are things with Jack's business
  • Jack has a full plate
  • And more... 

029 TX Joe's Path to Liberty

Join us on our first episode in our new series "Liberty Profiles", where we focus on our guests and they get the floor to tell us how they ended up waking up from the matrix and giving us inspiration and value to help us live our lives better. Starting today with a conversation with TX Joe!